Historic Skills Classes

Here at Lewis & Clark State Historic Site, a number of dedicated volunteers and partners practice historic skills from the beginning of the 19th Century. From basketweaving to leatherwork to hearth cooking to spinning, these knowledgable artisans have a passion for their craft. They also have a passion to share this craft with others.

Our volunteers and partners offer skills courses at the site from time to time. Past programs have included hearth cooking, basket weaving, caning, and more. These programs will range from introductory projects to more difficult ones. Some courses are offered for free while others have a fee to cover materials for the course. Keep an eye on this page and our Facebook Page for new skills class opportunities.

Upcoming Classes



Some courses are limited and require a donation for materials. Contact Lewis & Clark State Historic Site to secure your spot in any session. Call 618-251-5811.


Past Historic Skills Classes