Lewis & Clark State Historic Site Videos

We strive to create fun and informative videos for educators and the public alike. From a virtual tour of the Interpretive Center to a breakdown of members of the Detachment, there is something of interest for everyone. Check out our YouTube Channel for even more!

Interpretive Center Tour

Follow Site Interpreter Ben as he shows you around our 14,000 square foot Interpretive Center. Check out the exhibits the galleries have to offer and learn part of the Camp River Dubois story.

Who was the

Washer Woman?

The Detachment hosted a Washer Woman while wintering at Camp River Dubois. She would have washed and mended clothes for the soldiers in return for pay and place to stay. While her arrival on January 1, 1804, was noted by Captain Clark, her name was never recorded. This video presents research from retired Lead Site Historian Michael A. Stout concerning the Washer Woman’s potential identity.

Building the Team

Parts I – III

A spot on the Expedition Roster was not a guarantee for soldiers in camp. Captains William Clark and Meriwether Lewis observed the soldiers. They were searching for the best soldiers with the right skills and right personalities. The officers and enlisted men all knew that they would only have each other to rely on once they left Camp River Dubois. These videos talk about that selection process and highlights some of the skills and individuals that made the cut. 

Departure Day

On May 14, 1804, the Lewis & Clark Expedition began their journey. Departing from Camp River Dubois, the men of the detachment must have felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Hear about it in their own words!